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About us

It's your child's first official year of school!

Willow Woods School is a private institution that provides a unique and personalized education for its students. Willow Woods School offers a tailored learning experience that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and intellectual growth. The curriculum focuses on a well-rounded education that includes core subjects, art, music, physical education, and extracurricular activities. The faculty and staff are highly qualified and committed to creating a supportive and challenging learning environment
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At our preschool, we believe in creating a nurturing environment that celebrates childhood, where our young learners can thrive and develop the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. We want to enable each child to cope with the ever-growing challenges of life through continuous learning. We are poised to fulfill our part of social responsibility with a future focused approach.




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The vision is to make a difference in nurturing young children, helping them to flourish into happy, healthy, and confident learners who are prepared not only for school but also for life.


To celebrate every child’s childhood in an exceptionally positive, fun environment while not only educating their little minds but also nurturing their hearts.

Core Values :

  • APPROACH – A thoughtful and purposeful approach to education which emphasizes children’s innate ability to direct their development when given the opportunity and tools.
  • CORE VALUE –  we devote to nurturing the child intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and ethically – all in a caring, safe, and fun environment
  • PHILOSOPHY – “Rigor with heart and help” is reflected in student engagement through the differentiated and creative classroom activities
  • RESPECT– promoting a culture of tolerance, inclusion, diversity, equality, fairness and opportunity.
  • COMMUNICATION– being genuine, open, honest and sincere
  • PARTNERSHIP AND CARE– being reflective and learning from parents as partners, developing strong nurturing relationships
  • INTEGRITY– doing the right thing, even when no one else is watching
  • SAFETY – Rigoroussecurity and sanitization measures for happy and healthy children.









Our Facilities

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With a variety of interactive activities such as games, videos, and quizzes, children can develop important skills while having fun. Teachers can also monitor progress and provide personalized feedback, enhancing the learning experience.
Equipped with age-appropriate equipment and toys, our play area provides endless opportunities for exploration and imagination. Come and see for yourself why our play area is a favorite among our preschoolers!
We maintain a clean and sanitized environment to ensure the health of our children and staff. Our facilities are equipped with safety features to prevent accidents and we follow strict safety protocols to ensure everyone's well-being.

Your Children’s Creativity here

Imagine an occasion when children can be inspired. Imagine a world where there is joy in learning. That is Willow Woods Preschool.