Best Preschool Educationalist-2023

Mrs. Jyothi Penumatsa, the director of Willow Woods Preschool, has been honored as the Best Preschool Educationalist of the Year 2023 by the Government of Telangana and Vande Bharath Trust. The prestigious award recognizes her tireless efforts and innovative teaching methods in providing quality education to children in Telangana. Jyothi Penumatsa’s child-centered approach and emphasis on holistic development have garnered widespread appreciation. The award highlights the importance of preschool education and the need for highly competent professionals in the field. Jyothi Penumatsa’s leadership and dedication have made her an inspiration to educators, and her achievement reinforces the significance of early childhood education in shaping a child’s future succes

Best Preschool Educationalist-2022

Mrs. Jyothi Penumatsa, Director of Iris Florets Preschool, was honored with the Brands Impact Education Excellence Award 2022 for Best Pre-School Educationalist of the Year. The award, presented by Actress Ameesha Patel, aimed to recognize and appreciate the contributions of individuals in the education sector. Mrs. Jyothi, a former HR professional with an MBA, dedicated herself to educating young minds and shaping their futures. Inspired by Maria Montessori, she believes in the crucial role of early childhood education and strives to create a nurturing environment for children to express themselves and develop self-esteem. The Education Excellence Awards highlight the significance of quality education and informed decision-making, and Mrs. Jyothi’s passion and commitment have earned her several accolades.